In Energy Excellence we believe that people in organizations and communities are doing great in many areas of their lives. We also believe that we all have 2 or 3 areas in which we can get a little better.

We design and co-create our Resilience and Emerging Leadership Programs with our clients to make sure that we leverage existing Executive/Leadership/Talent Development programs and create as much impact/results/sustainable change as possible.

High Impact Learning is our preferred learning philosophy. Our programs always consist of Pre-work, Training and extensive Follow-up which result in sustainable change and a shift in the culture/behaviour for the clients we work for.

We use the best trainers/subject matter experts to deliver our programs to ensure that the participants are inspired by a range of role models, whom they can connect and communicate with during the training – and even more importantly – during the follow-up process.

The investment in our programs reflects the value we create for our clients. Defining and agreeing on the value and the success-criteria of the resilience programs is therefore an important part of the initial dialogue with our clients.

80% of our clients decide to continue to invest in our programs after we have proved the value/impact/results of the program in their organization.

The last 3 programs we delivered to our clients, received the following evaluation scores:

  • 4,6 on a scale from 1-5
  • 5,5 on a scale from 1-6
  • 3,7 on a scale from 1-4