Ole Høyer

Ole Høyer is the Founder of Energy Excellence.

He is Danish, 41 years old and an experienced Motivational Speaker and Performance Expert. In the last 10 years, Ole has dedicated all his time to inspire, train and coach a large number of Executives, Managers and Talents in global companies in the US, Europe and Asia on how to increase resilience, capacity and performance in all aspects of their lives.

Prior to Energy Excellence, Ole spent 15 years working in high-performance environments within Management Consulting, IT and Banking. This experience enables him to work powerfully with the mindset of Executives/Managers/Talents and to enable them to cope with the challenges they face in their lives.

Based in New York, he is truly passionate about contributing on a global scale and making a difference for organizations, individuals and communities.

Ole is also the Founder and Chairman of Periamma – a non-profit organization based in Copenhagen, Chennai and New York. The Periamma organization today supports 6,000 students at 20 schools in India, Kenya, Uganda and Thailand, and creates social impact by developing sustainable projects related to entrepreneurship, micro-finance and education.

Ole is inspired by a number of teachers: HH the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje, Lama Ole Nydahl, Anthony Robbins, David Deida and Soleira Green. Over the past 10 years, he has received on-going training from those teachers.

As he practices Tibetan Buddhism and Yoga, Ole spends a substantial amount of time each year taking retreats to constantly develop his awareness and mindset.

Ole is a World-traveller, and truly enjoys yoga, meditation, warrior training, dance, healthy food and to spend quality time with family and close friends.


Jason Howlett

Jason Howlett is a Partner in Energy Excellence and an experienced Performance Expert specialized in enabling high-performance people to reach higher levels of engagement, performance and well-being. Jason is responsible for the creation and delivery of the Resilience, Engagement and Impact Programs, primarily to clients in Europe, and he is also a main contributor of new concepts and innovation that ensures that Energy Excellence constantly evolves and stays at the forefront of its field.

Jason is 33 and from England, he has spent the past 5 years teaching, training and coaching people to make sustainable changes in their lifestyle and to actualise their potential in a way that benefits both their professional and personal lives. Jason has 5 years experience working as a Personal Trainer, which he still practices part time and as a part of the physical exercise component of our Resilience programs.

Jason combines his knowledge of mental, spiritual and emotional well-being from studying Positive Psychology at University with his knowledge of physical well-being, to create a whole person approach to well-being and performance.

Before working at Energy Excellence, Jason worked for 7 years in IT and Business Consulting, working for a global consulting company and a specialised start-up in Silicon Valley. He specialised in improving performance through dynamically optimising business processes from a technological and people workflow perspective.

Jason has travelled the world extensively and lived in England, Australia and Denmark. He enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends; experiencing outdoor adventures and culinary pursuits; performing strength & natural movement training and practicing daily meditation.


Michael Stern

Michael’s passion is the evolution of consciousness and culture, and his current work focuses on the integration of Wisdom, Leadership, and Innovation. As an Associate at Energy Excellence, Michael helps create and deliver the Resilience, Impact, and Engagement programs for clients in the US. He also plays a key role in developing the Energy Excellence online platform to support individuals and teams in their personal and professional growth. And as a millennial, Michael provides valuable insight for Energy Excellence and our clients on how to engage and empower the next generation of leaders.

For the last seven years Michael has been committed to in-depth training in areas such as yoga, martial arts, meditation, psychology, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, communication, leadership, systems thinking, and organizational development. Drawing from his extensive experience with the human potential movement, Michael is committed to enhancing and refining the tools and techniques that Energy Excellence uses to work with clients, offering the most powerful and effective methods for transformation available.

As a visionary, leader, entrepreneur and changemaker, Michael started his own company and has produced and facilitated dozens of transformational workshops, bringing inspiration to hundreds of community members on their path of inner/personal and outer/social transformation. Michael has had the opportunity to study and work with some of the most brilliant minds, hearts, and souls on the planet, including Ken Wilber, Thomas Hübl, Charles Eisenstein, and Otto Scharmer.

Michael was born and raised in New York City, graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, and has lived in Madrid, Bangkok, and Kathmandu. When he’s not pursuing his mission of supporting individuals and groups to operate in the world with total freedom and authenticity, he likes to be alone in nature, watch mixed martial arts, and dance to music with a lot of percussion.