Case studies

Half day Resilience Program for 400 people at a leading US global investment bank as a part of their resilience week program. The program focused on enabling them to build resilience and capacity within Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit in a high-performance environment. Secondly a Energy Excellence program was created for 30 women as a part of a Diversity Program helping them to become more authentic and balanced female leaders – improving operational efficiencies.

3 month Resilience Program for 200 talents in a European investment bank as part of their talent development programme. We are now expanding the programme to take a further 90 talents through the program in 2015.

3 month Resilience Program for the HR Leadership Team and a large group of Managers in a leading Swiss Pharmaceutical company. The program focused on increasing resilience, capacity and performance in both their corporate and personal life. A further Resilience Program was held in the UK subsidiary of the same company for their high performance team as a part of their off-site arrangement.
We also advised and took part in this company’s Be Healthy day for their 10,000 employees at their headquarters – supporting leadership and personal growth.

3 month Resilience Program for a High Performance Group in a global oil company improving team collaboration and preparing them for a 2 year period of rapid growth within the company.

6 month Resilience Program for the top 35 in a global investment bank inspiring them to fine-tune and optimize their life-style, making them better performers in both their corporate and personal life.

12 month Resilience Program for a group of High Potentials in a global consulting firm as a part of a broader Talent Development Program. Retaining and further strengthening their leadership skills, preparing them to become future Partners in the company. This program has so far run for 4 years.

24 month Resilience Program for a group of Senior Talents in a global Asset Management Firm, building their leadership capacity and helping them to become successful future Specialists and Leaders in the company.

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