Resilience Model

BODY is the foundation of a healthy, happy, balanced life. By focusing on Training, Nutrition, and Recovery, you keep your physical system operating at peak performance levels. Your body is in amazing source of energy and intelligence, and by taking great care of it you develop the necessary resilience for your journey of personal and professional growth.

HEART is your capacity to be Present – open, attentive and connected to others. Defining and embodying your values develops Integrity and makes you someone who can be trusted deeply and implicitly. Leading from the Heart enables you to Respond skillfully to the difficult situations you encounter in your life.

MIND is the competency of having clear and focused intention and attention. Use the power of Stories to realize your goals and appreciate your life. Cultivate healthy work habits to increase Efficiency and decrease stress. Meditation makes you more mindful, aware and focused, helping you to both concentrate on detail where necessary, whilst being aware of the bigger picture.

SPIRIT is your connection to a deeper source of energy and inspiration. Accessing your Intuition allows you to make better and faster decisions. Knowing and living your Purpose unleashes incredible amounts of motivation and drive. Serving Others brings you wisdom and compassion, and contributes to an exciting and meaningful life.